Mammals in the News

I saw a bunch of mammalian videos this week, ranging from the very cute – Bao Bao’s first snow day – through to the rather less cute camera trap footage of Bonobos.

Sticking with camera traps then Rod Cassidy at Sangha Lodge in the Central African Republic got this film of a family of Flat headed Cusimanses on his property (oh how I want to return to Sangha Lodge), while the Camera Trap Codger got film of Pacific Fishers in NW California. And Tomer Ben-Yehuda will be excited to see these photos of a Golden Cat and kitten from Sumatra.

A couple of bat stories include this interesting article on White-nosed Syndrome in the US (are there signs of recovery now?), and a new species of Pipistrelle from Laos and Vietnam.

Finally if you are renting a car in Thailand and plan to visit Khao Yai NP you might want to take out the extra insurance….

I’m heading to Albany in upstate New York now to see if I can find a Fisher. Have a good weekend


  1. tomeslice 8 years ago

    Cool stuff.
    I like the picture of the golden cats from Kerinci, as it supports my awesome extensive research of Sumatran Mammals which I recently published on the blog 😉

  2. mattinidaho 8 years ago

    Good luck with the fishers, Jon! Look forward to the trip report.

    • Jon Hall 8 years ago

      Thanks Matt. I didn’t find a Fisher but there are certainly plenty around Albany. I did however lose the keys to my hire car somewhere in the forest… a Fisher is probably playing with them as a I write. Damn. It. 🙁

      • vdinets 8 years ago

        So, what did you do? Was there cell phone reception?

  3. Jon Hall 8 years ago

    There was reception – in fact the woods were right next to the B&B we were in, so the owner called AAA and had the car towed back to the rental company. They gave me another car. And I am nervously awaiting the bill…

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