Mammals in the News

A few bits of recent news include records of some rare cats: Cheetahs in the Sahara, and Leopards in Iran and Iraq (though these are holed up in mine fields so don’t rush to go looking from them).

Remember the conversation from a few weeks ago, about ways in which mammal watching can benefit research? Well this paper, which recommends sites for “targeted conservation” in Borneo, uses data generated by the likes of us (the “Borneo Mammal Distribution Consortium” in this case).

After reading some of the comments on this weeks post for a facelift I have started a Facebook page. Please like it if you are a Facebooker and share information, pics etc. I am well aware many of you aren’t on Facebook (and would rather chew your own arm off than join) so this page is really a way to cross-post information to reach a wider audience. It will not replace a Forum!

Finally, Facebookers especially, put your phones down and do more mammalwatching.


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