Mammal Big Day in California

My wife and I are new members of this forum, having only recently discovered It’s been fun following the posts over the last few weeks, and very exciting to read through links from Jon’s site, to learn of new locations for many species here in North America. We have added a small contribution that describes a mammal big day we did in central coastal California in 2014, and in the near future will also link information on full-spectrum recording of bat echolocation calls. In addition to mammals, Eileen and I have strong interests in native vascular plants, which consume most of our spare time, and birding.

Brian and Eileen Keelan

Boulder Creek, CA


  • John Fox

    Welcome to the blog! It always good to see another trip report.

    Resources for acoustic bat ID would be very welcome. I did an Anabat survey for a friend at a NWR, and then played around with it for a few days before I gave it back, and I couldn’t find sonograms for very many bats on the internet. I think it was U of NM that had a few.

    Fortunately, Townsend’s Big-eared Bat was one of them, and is very distinctive. I went to Hellhole Cave in WV with it and had one of the best bat experiences ever. You can park on the road just above the cave and the bats would fly uphill and right past me and on into the forest behind me. The Anabat was great to confirm the ID.


  • Floyd E. Hayes

    Nice effort! I hope you plan on doing more and can come up with a higher tally. It’s interesting to compare your results with ours from northern California (up to 31 species in a day).

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