RFI Franciscana around Buenos Aries

Hi all

I am booking a trip a few weeks out and could easily spend a day or two in Buenos Aries. I know the odds are low but if anyone can come up with a plan to see Franciscana, I’d love to hear about it.



Edit:1-4 days would be OK.


  • vdinets

    There is a small town called Mar del Plata where you can arrange a boat trip to look for them. In 1995, I saw a small group off a beach just S of town, but I don’t know if it’s still possible without hiring a boat. That coast S of the town is also a good place to see Southern Tuco-tuco, a highly localized endemic (takes some patience).

    The captain of the ferry that runs between BA and Colonia (Uruguay) told me that he sometimes sees them, but I didn’t see any during two crossings in 2005.

  • John Fox

    Thanks, V.

    Maybe a more general RFI is for a BA company that could pursue the Mal de Plata idea, who speaks some english, for a short trip. I’m more than willing to do a sea watch or take a boat out.

    • John Fox

      Oh, Mar del Plata is the second largest city in the BA province and is 400km from BA. I should have done a little research before I replied.

      • vdinets

        That’s pretty close by Argentinian standards, and one of the closest points to BA where you can get to the open coast. Franciscana isn’t that common inside the gulf.

  • John Fox

    Point taken, V. I had found some trip reports from the Uruguay side that reported Franciscana, but that’s also 400 km away. It’ll have to be another trip.

  • James Lowen

    I will be well gripped if you succeed (and thus delighted to hear more), having lived in Bs As for several years and not seen them (or met anyone who had). Spent plenty of time crossing the Rio de la Plata to/from Uruguay, and along the coast either side of Mar de Plata, inc one pelagic.

  • John Fox

    Well, I guess the next logical question is if there is any place that is known to be good for Franciscana. I’ve never seen a trip report that had it.

  • dinets

    Yes, there is, but it’s in Brasil. I’m away from home now, but I’ll look it up next weekend. It’s mentioned in HMW marine mammals volume.

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