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Quite a lot of interesting articles over the past week or two. Some good news for cats with nice images of Nicaraguan Jaguars and promising news of a recovery for the Amur Leopard. However, the much lauded – and more than a little surprising – increase in India’s tiger population might be nothing more than a statistical error. Disappointing but very plausible in my opinon.

News about Wolves is rarely good. And last year the first wolf spotted at the Grand Canyon in 70 years made the mistake of crossing into Utah. Hopefully trigger happy Americans won’t send the rest of the species the way of the Falkland Islands Wolf, a species I knew very little about.

Cetaceans were in the news with an extraordinary record of a Bowhead Whale off of the southern UK, and an interesting new infrared survey technique that is effective for cetaceans.

The Thai army having been doing their bit for Pangolins, while in South Africa an unarmed all women wildlife patrol seems to be doing great things for the Rhinos in their care. Perhaps these same Rhinos are paying it forward to other species: check out this incredible sequence of images of a Rhino rescuing a Zembra.

And unless you spent no time on the Internet over the past 24 hours you will surely have already seen this stunning image of Weasel vs Woodpecker


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  • vdinets

    My insider contacts tell me that the supposed growth in Amur leopard numbers is also a fake: WWF-Russia previously published artificially deflated numbers. In reality, there’s no room for growth, and dispersing individuals simply disappear, either killed by poachers or starved in inappropriate habitat.

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