New (epic) Trip Report – Nicaragua

Fiona Reid has just sent me one of the most prolifically diverse trip reports I’ve ever seen. Oh how I wish I’d gone on this 2 week trip to Nicaragua last month. To add insult to my injury, one of her group – Mike Richardson – stayed on for 3 more days and saw even more. Not only was this a diverse trip, but a lot of the animals are hard to see: more than a quarter of these species would have been new for me, despite several visits to Central America.

Nicaragua, 2015: Fiona Reid, 14 days and an exceptional 87 species with a ton of cool bats including Spectral Bat and Wrinkle-faced Bat, Jaguarundi, Zeledon’s Mouse Opposum and much much more. An incredible 2 weeks. Not satisfied with the 87 species, Mike Richardson extended his tour for 3 days and saw 25 species, another 5 or 6 of which were new for the tour including Woolly Funnel-eared and Big-crested Mastiff Bats.

Holy biodiversity!

I am sure Fiona will be organising more tours to Nicaragua next year, and she can also help set up custom trips with Jose Gabriel, her wonderful co-leader. Contact Fiona for more information. I might see you there! Very highly recommended.


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