New Trip Report – Belarus

Jan Kelchtermans, from Europe’s Big 5, has just finished a tour in Belarus. Surprisingly this is only the second Belarussian report on (the other is mine from 2006).

Belarus, 2015: Europe’s Big 5, 9 days primarily looking for Lynx. They just missed the cat but did see 10 species including Wolf, Polecat, Beaver and Bison.

Have a good weekend


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  • vdinets

    Trying to see lynx by simply following the tracks is a very inefficient approach. I tried it once, and it took me a total of ~100 hours over four months. I didn’t succeed until I knew enough about the individual’s behavior to anticipate its moves, and it only worked in March when the snow became water-logged and didn’t make any sound when skied over.

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