Mammals in the News

Lots of good – or at least not bad – news, for once this week (unless you are a Californian Dolphin)

The first Wolf in 150 years has been spotted in Holland. Ok, so perhaps not such good news for the Wolf which was found dead, but exciting none the less though it seems whether the animal got to Holland on its own is in debate. Correction this is the correct story (thanks Els)

In Brazil a new Titi Monkey species has been described, while in Iran there was some great camera trap footage of a Cheetah drinking from a water point (thanks Richard Webb for both of these).

Meanwhile whale watchers in Monterey Bay on Saturday had an exciting encounter with a pod of Orca hunting Common Dolphins (thanks Ameet Zaveri). Further south the Mexican Government is at last trying to do something for the remaining few Vaquita. Too little too late?

Finally the March Mammal Madness competition looks like a lot of fun.




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