New trip report: UK

  1. Jon Hall 8 years ago

    Good work guys! You saw some good stuff… I have never seen a Water Shrew despite many small trapping sessions in the UK.

  2. Richard Webb 8 years ago

    Seeing two Weasels in three days is even more impressive. You can go months without seeing them over here nowadays.

    Having said that less impressive was the cost of the rooms. You can most definitely get better than average rooms in most of the areas visited for well under £140 especially in the low season like February. I even checked for the next few days just to check and in all of the areas it ranged between £50 and £80 including breakfast. You were robbed! Richard

    • Author
      SLahaye 8 years ago

      Well, we didn’t pay the 140£. We just drove on and found rooms within the price range you mention. It just took time and effort to find an affordable room.

      We were very happy with the weasels! It was ages ago since we had last seen one.

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