New Book: They have returned – Experiencing Bear, Lynx and Wolf

I’ve just received a copy of Ralf Burglin’s book on watching and experiencing Europe’s bears, wolves and lynxes “Sie Sind Wieder Da”. Details are here: Siesindwiederda-3MB. Sadly for me – and all others who don’t speak German – this is in German only at the moment though there are some tentative plans to release it in English.

But in any case it is more of a coffee table book than anything else, and is focused on stunning images of Europe’s large carnivores from Ralf and others. The sort of images that make me want to give up photography and sell my camera on ebay. I was particularly impressed with the Lynx photos. Although Cheryl Antonucci can see a Lynx in her first minute of spotlighting, the rest of us mortals spend weeks looking and see nothing. How on earth were some of these pictures taken….?

Its a really lovely book and Ralf gave a special thanks to – and hence all of you – for trip reports and so on.

Copies are available from any German book store, and your local store should be able to order a copy from Germany. Or try Amazon.


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