• Richard Webb

    Cheryl, nice report and glad you scored. Thanks for the compliment and I’ve got to be honest the two Eurasian Lynx that I’ve seen were both pure luck but most of the luck that I have is down to a lot of hard work and a lot of nights with very little sleep and I can painfully remember the six unsuccessful trips (so far) for Clouded Leopard. Incidentally if you think I’m lucky wait until you read a forthcoming report (not mine) of a recent Brazil trip.

  • vdinets

    It’s interesting that so many raccoon dogs were seen. They were very common in Eastern Europe for a while after their introduction, but became very rare or died out in many places by the 1980s.

    • phil telfer

      Hi Cheryl – well done for the Lynx, its a really hard one to see. Like Richard i’ve also seen 2 Eurasian Lynx but had 5 failed trips before scoring. I’m just back from Brazil / Argentina ( the lucky trip that Richard refers to ) but we put in a lot of hours early and late. Report to follow but briefly we got geoffroys cat, lesser grisons, jaguarundi and pampas cat.

  • Cheryl Antonucci

    Thanks guys! Richard- I got to hear about one of your Lynx sightings… In detail..twice. In fact over the past two years your name has come up multiple times in varying tours you have done with how lucky you seem. Lessor grisons are the number one mustalid I want to see and it was your Argentina trip report that was jealously breaking point (good job on them Phil! Also jealous) I’ve been to Argentina twice and have never seen one, but need to go to the park you saw them out. I remember blabbering to Jon , WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE SAW A LESSOR GRISON, and his response being yeah, I want one too. I look forward to your report Phil, I’ve seen pampas cat but not the others. Vladimir I think they have a healthy raccoon dog population but yeah scabies killed a lot ( the environmental guy was showing me a bunch of his pics).

  • vdinets

    An apparently good place to see lesser grisons is Parque Estadual das Várzeas do Rio Ivinhema on Parana River. It is rather conveniently located halfway between the Pantanal and Iguazu Falls; access is by paved road from the town of Navirai in Mato Grosso do Sul. I spent two days there in January 2010 doing my caiman study, and saw three lesser grisons, all in daytime.

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