Mammals in the News

Some recent articles include a couple on rarely known Central African primates: Rembrandt’s Monkey and Bouvier’s Red Colobus (Piliocolobus bouvieri).

Some great camera trap images of some rare cats: In Siberia, these Amur Tigers and a Snow Leopard in a new National Park. While there was the first proof in 50 years of Lions in Gabon.

An interesting article on Sloths. I had thought the algae in the fur was mainly for camouflage. Apparently they like to eat it as do other creatures.

California Sea Lions are mysteriously dying in large numbers. Also mysterious, at least to me, the Northern Hopping Mouse was one of the hardest Australian mammals to track down. I didn’t know anyone who has seen one til I saw this article: but . Great to know someone has started studying it.


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