Finding Mammals in North America

If you’d like a signed copy of this book, please let me know. I’ve just got the first 30 copies from the publisher. If you are in the US, the cost is $25 including postage. You can either send me a check to 1611 Oak Ave., Davis, CA 95616, or paypal me to dinets at gmail. Either way, I also need your mailing address. If you are not it the US, no problem – just let me know and I’ll find out how much the postage will cost.



  1. heavenlyjane 7 years ago

    Already pre-ordered from Amazon. Do you know when they’ll be mailing them out?


    • Author
      vdinets 7 years ago

      The official release date is April 28; I don’t think they’ll be mailing them earlier than that.

      • heavenlyjane 7 years ago

        That’s fine; we can wait with eager anticipation.

        Does there exist a companion book for Europe? We are talking about spending July 2016 in the North HIghlands of Scotland and would love such a book to help with planning.

        • Author
          vdinets 7 years ago

          Not yet; I am trying to find a publisher for such a book, but even if I do, it would take at least three years to write and publish it.

  2. Richard Webb 7 years ago

    For the Scottish Highlands you can always use Where to Watch Mammals in Britain and Ireland by Richard Moores.

  3. kbrown217 7 years ago

    How much would it be to send a copy to UK ? Please email me k.brown217@hot

    Thank you

  4. simonfeys 7 years ago

    Already pre-ordered one too 🙂

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