Clymene Dolphins

Has anyone seen Clymene Dolphins, particularly off of the USA? I’ve a recollection that someone told me they had seen them on a pelagic out of South Carolina but I don’t remember who that was. Its a species I’d like to track down over the next year or so.



  1. vdinets 7 years ago

    I saw them near Flower Garden Banks off Texas, but it’s not a reliable place and you could easily spend a fortune on these trips before seeing them. Still, NOAA estimates the Gulf population to be much larger than the W Atlantic one. IUCN page mentions that they are common off Ghana.

  2. mojomort 7 years ago

    Hi Jon. I’ve only seen them mid Atlantic, between St. Helena and Ascension. Not much use to you I suppose. I’ll try asking a friend who might have some more info.

  3. Jon Hall 7 years ago

    Thank you both. All info gratefully received!

  4. J-Michel Bompar 7 years ago

    Hi Jon, Clymene Dolphin. doesn’t really exist as a “real species”. It’s a natural hybrid between Striped and Spinner dolphins See you soon in Borneo, JM

    • vdinets 7 years ago

      Actually, it does. It’s a species of hybrid origin, just like red wolf, kipunji and a bunch of other mammals, plus thousands of plant species and lots of other organisms.

  5. J-Michel Bompar 7 years ago

    I agree with you. It’s a very complex concept we could discuss a long long time (are we natural hybrids between sapiens and neenderthal ? ;-). I’ve seen Clymene 20 years ago and I took it out of my mammal list but ….

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