Javan Rhino Excursion RFI (For a friend)

So, completely by coincidence, it turns out that a friend of a friend of mine is going to be in Jakarta the day I’m leaving to fly back to Israel. He’s going to be at a conference for a few days and then has a few days to spare. He’s mostly going to be vacationing on Bali but my stories of Javan Rhino really peeked his interest (he also has his drawings of baird’s tapir, giant anteater, and several north-american species on his wall, so I think he might be into wildlife).  SO…. I promised him some info regarding a Rhino trip.

From Coke’s and Phil’s reports, I couldn’t figure out which agency/company they booked for the Ujung Kulon excursion itself. Can you two (and others) provide info regarding a recommended company for a 4-day excursion from Jakarta for my buddy?

Thanks in advance!


(On another note, I will be in Jakarta myself in exactly 1 week.. HOLY F***!!! I’m excited)


  • PandaSmith

    It does appear that the web link I have in my blog is dead now. I have not been in touch with Panca since the trip, so I am not sure if he is still escorting tours or not. But here is his direct email just in case.

    I hope you can connect. Somehow you need to get to what they call “Rhino Central”. I referred someone last year to that location and evidently they came back with some amazing images that even made the popular media….

  • tomeslice

    NICE!!! That’s exactly my expectation – that as the guides become more familiar with “rhino central” and the rhinos get used to the raised platform, it will become easier to see them.

    I’m quite disappointed myself that I will be so close, yet so far.. But obviously I will be in Indonesia at least 4-5 more times in my life so this excursion is high up on my list.

    For now, I will pass the information to my friend who might actually go. Thank you Coke!!

  • philtelfer10

    Hi Tomer,

    I booked the trip directly with WWF-Indonesia from their headquarters in Carita when i heard about the dedicated Rhino viewing tours they were setting up. We were given about 50 – 70% chance of success. It was a very expensive trip and only for those prepared to sleep rough but was concentrated in the Rhino core area.
    The rangers build temporary tree platforms from bamboo poles ( very uncomfortable ) where you spend the nights.
    We heard Rhino’s nearby on 2 occasions but had no sighting so i would like to going again sometime especially if they can add in some boat cruises on the rivers during daytime.

    Not too sure however if WWF are still running these trips but like Coke i also did some stuff with IF-Ecoventures around Gede and Haluman using Eddie as guide. I did hear that he may now have retired from Guiding and they were often slow to reply to emails.


    • tomeslice

      Thank you Phil! I recall from your trip report that you never actually saw one, but were very close to a mother and a calf (if I remember correctly?) who may have stayed had she not had the calf with her..

      Is the whole thing a total of 4nights round trip from Jakarta?

      I’m obviously going to do that trip myself in the near future.. like in the next 2-3 years.

      • philtelfer10

        Thats right, the second Rhino we heard was very close but frustratingly just out of sight and the ranger with us felt that she may have got our scent and been more nervous due to having a calf. We examined the footprints next morning. If she had come into the mud wallow we were perched above we should have had an amazing sighting.
        Our trip was much more than 4 nights, more like two weeks and the Rhino site in Ujung Kulon is two days each way from Jakarta by car, boat and a long hike.

  • Jhon Travis


    we just arrive form the Ujung Kulon at the last month..we used the local guide from local tour operator..we stayed 10 days, camping on the jungle was excellent trip..we hunted the Javan Rhino all the days of course we show on this area at south coast of Ujung Kulon we called Cikesik local name other one at Cibunar

    You can conatced

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