European Otter

Hi all,
For anyone visiting France, here is a great site to see European Otter.
Stéphane Raimond, a former pisciculturist, has built some years ago a blind where he welcomes wildlife watchers and photographers to observe wild otters that visit his site.
His website:
An a couple of nice videos:
Including the trailer of a movie recently shot at his place:


  • Jon Hall

    Thanks Nicolas, a friend also told me about this place recently. It sounds really great

  • huwschwarz

    Hi, I live in Poitou charantes and believe I have a family of otters ( mother and 3 Cubs ) the mother is bright white in colour as is one of the pups – the other two are the more usual brown.
    While I am no expert in otters. They look to me like otters, I have seen them catch and eat fish, which rules out coypu and would think it unlikely to be mink as there is no snow (or even likelihood of ) to stimulate some of them to turn white. I have several videos and photos – only taken with an iPhone so sadly no great quality pics there and some better pics taken of a different brown one taken in the same location by a visiting friend, with a rather better camera. Any opinions on the likelihood ir not of an albino otter? ( it’s eyes are dark as best as I can tell so perhaps not albinism)

  • huwschwarz

    I live In thé Poitou Charantes and havé found what I believe is a family of otters, one perfectly white, mother one white pup and two more normal coloured ones. There has also been another brown coloured one around previously. I don’t know a great deal about otters, but have ruled out coypu as I have seen one catch and eat fish, I felt a mink/ermine combination unlikely as I would have thought all would be white or brown and besides we have no snow (or any likelihood of this time of year!)
    Has anybody families with otters an opinion on the likilhood of albinism perhaps, some other explanation for these delightful animals ( whatever they are) I have several videos and pictures, sadly just taken with an iPhone so limited quality, some of them together. Appreciate any opinions or advice. Thanks

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