New Trip Report – Sabah & Sumatra

FB Pongo abelii 2
Sumatran Orang Utan

I spent the last two weeks of May in Sabah (Deramakot Forest Reserve) and Sumatra (Way Kambas & Gunung Leuser)with Jean-Michel Bompar and Tomer Ben-Yehuda. We saw 64 species including both Orang Utans, Thomas’s and Mitred Langurs, Banded Palm and Otter Civets, a bunch of nice bats and Pen-tailed Tree Shrew.

Part 1 (Borneo) is here

Part 2 (Sumatra) is here

FB Petaurista petaurista
Red Giant Flying Squirrel



  • mattinidaho

    Nice reports Jon. You are getting into the realms of Extreme Mammal Watching. And now I see an epic sun bear/rhino expedition in the making…

  • vdinets

    It sure sounds like fun!

    Do you know if Dermakot can be visited independently?

    Sounds like it’s more practical to just go to the main entrance to G. L. It’s a short bus ride from Medan, and you can stay in a hostel for close to nothing and see pretty much the same stuff around.

    Poring Hot Springs are worth more than a short stop: it’s a good place to see yellow muntjac, and you can see/trap a lot of interesting small mammals, including smoky flying squirrel and some bats in caves.

  • Jon Hall

    Thanks Jason and Vladimir. I must have spent 20 or more nights in Sabah now… I missed a Sun Bear by an hour at the DVFC the first time.. but I reckon a once every 30 days hit rate might be about right for Sabah.

    Vladimir.. I think you would struggle to visit Deramakot without a contact in the Forestry Department. I believe they simply refer all inquiries onto tour operators. That said, the cost of our trip – vehicle, fuel, food and house was very reasonable and I imagine a car and driver would be almost as expensive alone. Yes Poring was good in 2005.. wish I had more time to stay longer at all these places. #Damnyouhavingtowork!

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