Another Bat ID Request

I took this picture in January and forgot about it.  This bat was on the side of the house we just purchased in Pima county Arizona.  Based on some research it seems to look like a myotis of some sort.  But, I am a real novice with bats.  It was about 4 or 5 inches in length.

Does anyone have any guesses?

Thanks in advance.




  • Jon Hall

    Alan, I checked with Fiona Reid and she’s certain its a Big Brown Bat (based on shiny fur, dark wings and size). And you cannot get a better qualified ID than that!

  • Alan D

    That’s a new bat for us! Thanks so much Jon (and Fiona).

    Now, we need to deal with a wasp issue so I can hang up a bat house to attract more of these guys. The bat house that was here when we bought the place was taken over by wasps.

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