Mammals Trip Report Australia and a bit of New Zealand and New Caledonia.

Mammals Trip Report Australia

Hi people,

I just returned from a year travelling Australia. I worked for three months, visited New Zealand for a month and “lost” a month by visiting New Caledonia for 10 days and some other miscellaneous events. That makes 7 months of birding/mammalwatching in Australia (also looking for reptiles/fish/amphibians).

I used extensively so one can regard this as an update as well as a source of new info.

I also filmed a rock wallaby who could possibly turn out to be a Nabarlek, any help is much appreciated!


Best regards,

Pieter de Groot Boersma

Birder/naturalist by nature 😉

Visit this site for some mammals on video (most don’t work on a phone:

Visit this site for more then 3000 clips of birds:


  • Israel

    can anyone else open that report? Or is it just me that cannot get it to work?

  • Mike Richardson

    I can’t get it to work either.

  • Mike Richardson

    Just managed to download it on my work PC so not sure what the issue is. Fantastic report BTW.

  • pietervogelfreak

    Thanks for the compliment Mike Richardson! I cannot open it on my phone either, but it is possible on my laptop. I used WPS Writer so maybe that is the issue. I will have Open Office by Friday so I will upload it again then.

  • Maurice Tijm

    Wow! Reports on Australia always provide fantastic reading but this reports really hurts. Tell me a mammal enthusiast who doesn’t LOVE marsupials. I have seen a fair shair of the mammals of Australia but Rock Ringtail Possum, Leadbeaters Possum, Spectacled Hare Wallaby, Spot-tailed Quoll etc etc in one report including photos, please give us a break! What a massive trip.

  • Jon Hall

    I really enjoyed this too, particularly seeing that so many sites I knew well are still good 10 years on. One download problem is that its a very very heavy file. I will try to compress the image quality to get it down to less than 5mb which might help.. .otherwise we could split it into two reports I suppose.

  • Jon Hall

    If you cannot download the full file then here’s a much smaller PDF (8MB)

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