1. Jon Hall 7 years ago

    No. Its an escapee!

  2. heavenlyjane 7 years ago

    Only if the taxonomy supports it.

  3. vdinets 7 years ago

    Mammals of Earth are a monophyletic group, so anything extraterrestrial isn’t a mammal, no matter how superficially similar due to convergent evolution.

  4. stevebabbs 7 years ago

    I believe that Handbook of Mammals of the Universe has split wookie into several species. So are you clear what species it is?

    • Author
      mattinidaho 7 years ago

      It seems to be a feral population so there may be hybridization. I imagine Dinets may have published a paper or two on this. I wonder if they have become invasive — I have had increasing sightings across North America in recent weeks. They seem to favor the same habitat used by the nerd subspecies of Homo sapiens.

      • vdinets 7 years ago

        Unfortunately, my paper got rejected. I didn’t have a shooting permit, and the reviewers didn’t trust findings based on sightings. Applying for shooting permit now.

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