White-winged Bat in Rwanada

This bat was flying over the Masaka wetland (Kigali, Rwanda) at dusk. It had strikingly white wings – I’ve never seen a bat like it. I have very few African bat resources available to me, but see that there is a species on the Rwandan bat list called White-winged Serotine (and a Google image search shows a similarly patterned animal).  If anyone has any thoughts on the topic, I would love to hear them.

Sorry for the poor quality of the image — it was getting dark and the bat was moving quickly)

IMG_2363 (2)

  1. vdinets 7 years ago

    Sure looks like it. There used to be a colony at the gas station in Queen Elizabeth NP in Uganda, also in a wetland area.

  2. Charles Foley 7 years ago

    I agree with the id. Some Glauconycteris are also very white, but typically also have a white body. Well done capturing it on camera.

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