NE India Trip Report

  1. John Fox 7 years ago

    Thanks, Ben, that is an extraordinarily helpful trip report, be it birds or mammals. FWIW, I thought that Skipper was (almost) as interesting as any of them.

    • Author
      Ben S 7 years ago

      Thanks! What do you mean by Skipper? I’m guessing you’re referring to the Golden Emperor Moth, which is by far the most beautiful moth I’ve seen. I’ve seen “skipper” refer to a type of butterfly before, but perhaps it has a broader meaning in British English.

      • John Fox 7 years ago

        It was some kind of lep, maybe I misread.

  2. Richard Webb 7 years ago

    That’s one of the best reports I’ve seen on here or on, in years. It sounds like a great trip. So nice to see so much detail about each of the areas visited. It’s certainly rekindled my interest in visiting the region.

    • Author
      Ben S 7 years ago

      Thanks very much!

  3. tomeslice 7 years ago

    Awesome report and great pictures!!!
    Just to note that the link doesn’t work, I found it here:
    by narrowing it down to area, time period and finding you 🙂

    I think India is the next destination for meafter South A,frica and Sangha-Ndoki greater area..


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