New Trip Report: Panama

Everyone is going to Panama these days! Well Tobi Lundqvist was there in September ( trip report coming soon), and Cheryl Antonucci was there a couple of weeks ago.  She saw a lot of interesting stuff… so interesting in fact that I am going back in April.

Panama, 2016: Cheryl Antonucci, 9 days & 27 species including CacomistleAlfaro’s Pygmy Squirrel and Coiba Island Howler.




  • Alan D

    Awesome report Cheryl! Love the night monkey pictures especially.

  • ameet

    Great report Cheryl. Enjoyed it a lot since I visited Panama last August. It was not a dedicated wildlife trip so mine was not as productive as some of the other trips reported here. I did manage to see the Lesser Capybaras on a (small) night drive at Gamboa Rainforest Resort. They are definitely not as easy to see as they used to be. Nobody at the hotel could give me good directions to find them. For those who do not have the time to stay the minimum nights at the Tower, I would recommend this lodge. I only stayed one night and also saw Nine-banded Armadillo, Central American Agouti, Variegated Squirrel, White-headed Capuchin and Hoffman’s Two-toed Sloth here.

    I too was enticed by the Kinkajou mentions at the Los Quetzales lodge and went there. I did not figure out, until much later, that the interesting cabin was so far from the main lodge. The cabin happened to be unoccupied at the time and they did arrange for a drive there after dark, which was quite an adventure due to the condition of the “road”. We went loaded with fruit, laid it out and waited for quite a while with no success. I think the time of year also matters. There had been no tourists at the cabin for a while and no feeding had been taking place.

    It is possible to see Geoffroy’s Tamarin along with Brown-throated Sloth and Central American Agouti in Metropolitan Park which is right in Panama City. I saw Red-tailed Squirrel in Valle de Anton.

  • tai haku

    Great report! The Los Quetzales lodge looks amazing. Since I’m so far behind on trip reports I’ll mention now one mammal we got at Canopy Tower to our surprise that I’ve not seen anyone mention was long-tailed weasel – we had one in the lower branches of the trees around the canopy late one night whilst looking for frogs and night monkeys. We also had hispid cotton rat on the road at Gamboa.

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