New Trip Report: Tanzania

I was in Tanzania earlier this month: it was a work trip though I squeezed in 4 days in the bush and picked up 39 species (with a lot of help from Charles Foley).

Arusha & the Udzungwas, 2016: 4 days & 39 species, including Udzungwa Red ColobusSanje Mangabey and a Yellow-winged Bat.




  • mattinidaho

    Nice report Jon. I love Tarangire and the surrounding areas…my happy place. Some really fantastic mammal spots.

  • vnsankar

    For reference, Southern Tree Hyrax is pretty easy to see in Kenya. Try Naro Moru Restaurant near Mt. Kenya (the best spot) or Kichwa Tembo in the Masai Mara and you should find one. One to go for along with Ishaqbini!

    There’s apparently a restaurant in Arusha where Southern Tree Hyrax is easy to see on the grounds, but the name escapes me. Southern Tree Hyrax is IMO the easiest tree hyrax to see–don’t get me started on Western! 🙂

    • Jon Hall

      Yes. The Southern us be for next time. I bet the Ba’aka could find a western at Sangha lodge….

    • Charles Foley

      If you remember the name of the restaurant in Arusha please let me know and I’ll go and check it out. Was it the restaurant at Legendary Adventure p’haps?

      We may have to organise an official expedition to chase down the Western. I remember long, futile evenings trying to find the beast on a university campus in Uganda, guided by increasingly recalcitrant night-watchmen…

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