A good road for spotlighting near Cancun

Dear All,

I had to spend a night in Cancun yesterday, so I rented a car (just $20!) and checked out the road to Chiquila (Hwy 5, signposted “Holbox” on the toll highway to Merida). The last 25 km go through Yum Balam reserve and proved really good: I drove up and down twice (after 1 am) and got a juvenile margay and a grey fox, plus some gorgeous frogs and ground geckos. Driving time from Cancun to Chiquila is 2-3 hrs.

Cuban trip report forthcoming πŸ™‚

Vladimir Dinets


  • tomeslice

    Great stuff, Vladimir!
    We’re you spotlighting, or just whatever comes up in your headlights?

    • vdinets

      Just driving up and down. I looked for a good side road to spotlight on foot, but didn’t find any (although there are some visible in Google Earth).

      • tomeslice

        Cool. So in fact, you did only see what happened to come across the road.. which was a MARGAY!!!
        I have still not seen one πŸ™

      • vdinets

        Henry Pittier NP in Venezuela used to be a good place for margay in the 1990s, but in 2008 I found the park to be badly neglected and the trail network mostly overgrown. If the country gets out of the crisis and the park system is revived, it will be worth trying. It’s a really nice place, I got 20 spp. there in 1995 and 3 more in 2008.

  • vnsankar

    Highway 200 South of La Placita on the Michoacan coast is apparently very good for Margay. A herper with a lot of experience there told me that you should see one if you spend 2-3 nights roadcruising.

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