Sun Bear at Kaeng Krachan

“Just in case anybody is up for an Ursine twitch, a friend just back from Kaeng Krachan in Thailand reports that a Sun Bear is visiting the food dump behind the kitchen at Ban Krang camp site during the day time.” – DMW at Birdforum

I prefer not to see animals at food dumps like this, but if I were in Southeast Asia at the moment I’d definitely be feeling a little twitch-y.

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  • tomeslice

    Nice! Thank you for the update.
    A sun bear was also seen at Deramakot last week, along with a sunda pangolin, clouded Leopard, banded palm Civet, binturong, and Malay badger among others. Amazing trip report by Tom Hewitt, I’m trying to get him to post it along with the mouth-watering pictures he posted on Facebook.

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