New Trip Report: South Africa

Here’s a report of a great trip to South Africa late last year.  I know Fiona is returning this year too to lead a second trip.

South Africa, 2015Fiona Reid, 2 weeks & 75 species including Black-footed CatAardvarkSouthern African Hedgehog and a swag of interesting rodents and bats.



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  • tomeslice

    Well done, Fiona!
    You practically saw all the animals I want to see in Kruger and Marrick!!! And you also had the same plan as me and my family, to sleep at Marrick and hop over to Mokala during the day 🙂
    Hopefully I’m ever so lucky to see all the same stuff that you saw, speceifically the african civet, honey badger, wild dogs, klippspringer, aardvark and aardwolf, black footed cat, roan, meerkat, and serval!!! Boom. Nice job!

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