Bonobos (and Congo Peacock) in the DRC

Anyone even remotely interested in visiting the DRC for Bonobos should read this: Yes, it’s primarily a birding TR, but if you scroll to the bottom there is a fantastic mammal list including Bonobo, African Palm Civet, Weyns’ Duiker, Ansorge’s Cusimanse, Red River Hog, Tree Pangolin, Black Mangabey, and Wolf’s Mona Monkey! I’m now convinced that Lomako is the best place to see Bonobo and the other mammals of the inner Congo Basin.

Also some nice mammal pics scattered through the TR. There are very few photographs of most of these species in existence.


  1. Jon Hall 6 years ago

    Holy crap. When are we going?!

  2. Ben S 6 years ago

    That is certainly one of my most-wanted trips.

  3. Martin Singfield 6 years ago

    My wife and I have booked on the 2017 trip on the basis that we will have access to separate trackers so that we can spend more time searching for bonobos.

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