New Trip Report: Yucatan

A new report from Chris Shepherd

Yucatan, 2015: Chris Shepherd, 3 weeks & 15 or so species including a Tayra and Mexican Mouse Opossum.



  • Jon Hall

    Chris, I have checked my IDs of the bats with Fiona Reid (so you can be more confident in these than if they were just my opinion). From left to right

    First two: Greater White-lined Bat / Jamaican Fruit-eating Bat

    3th and 4th : Jamaican Fruit-eating Bat / Carollia species (probably perspicillata)

    Fifth and sixth: Greater White-lined Bat / Glossophoga soricina

    Last picture: The two orange bats are Natalus mexicanus. Not so sure of the two grey ones… probably the same species and perhaps juveniles



  • Chris Shepherd

    Thanks Jon I really appreciate that. I got three species correct! The last picture was taken at the bat cave at Calakmul. I have read there are 8 species there but I photographed dozens of individuals, all of which appeared to be Natalus mexicanus.

    Thanks again


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