Gopher ID


This gopher was observed at the Santa Elena Canyon River Access in Big Bend NP, TX.  I haven’t seen many gophers, but the eyes look large compared to the ear, the claws looked big.  The fur doesn’t seem as yellow as I would have thought, but my best guess is Cratogeomys castanops, Yellow-faced Pocket Gopher.  The only other gopher that should be here is Botta’s Pocket Gopher.  Any confirmation or correction would be welcome.  Thanks,





  • vdinets

    I think you are right. Botta’s in the desert can be the same color, but there’s usually at least a shade of dark behind the ear, and the face generally looks more “gopherish”. Also, their upper incisors stick out in a weird way and would most likely be visible in a side view like this.

  • cmh78

    Thanks for the quick reply.

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