And another California Report

This time from Vladimir Dinets, who teamed up with Venkat Sankar last weekend.  They saw some nice stuff.

California Weekend, 2016: Vladimir Dinets, 1 week & some nice species including Mojave Ground SquirrelDark Kangaroo MouseAgile Kangaroo Rat, Pygmy Rabbit and White-eared Pocket Mouse.



  • vdinets

    Venkat suggested that the change from pale to dark k-mouse at the same location could be due to the switch from dry to wet years, as the former prefers more arid habitats. Could be true: pale k-mouse hasn’t been recorded from Mono Lake before, but 2012-2015 was the worst drought on record.

  • Steve Linsley

    It’s quite an achievement that you found white-eared pocket mice. Did you trap them?

    • vdinets

      No, just found by spotlighting. Trapping in the nearby Desert Tortoise Natural Area didn’t work at all although there were lots of rodents running around.

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