Updates from Kruger…

In preperation for my upcoming trip to South Africa this fall, I started following the sightings reporting apps (at least 2 of them) and collecting some knowledge so that maybe somehow it will help me concentrate my efforts on the “right” places for the species I’m after.

This past week has been very notable, with most of my South African wishlist species being seen except for the Marrick specialties. These signthings included no less than 2 pangolins 2 days apart! With pictures attached to both; one was on Nhlowa road just a few km North of the junction with Shishangeni Rd, and the other – I don’t remember, I’ll have to look it up later. There were also a serval and caracal on the same day (I think both on the road between Orpen and Satara), another serval from a bridge over Sabie river, 2 day-sightings of the african civet, wild dogs every day, mostly between pretoriouskop and Skukuza, but also some on the orpen-satara road, clawless otters on the sabie river, honey badgers in and around Satara Camp, two brown hyenas on separate days (but with no picture – there is always a chance that they were wrong IDs), A few sightings of Sable antelopes including large herds – from the H-12 bridge and right by Mopani camp, and the rest of the reports are usually of lions, leopards and cheetas throughouth the park. I’m surprised they allow pangolin sightings but no rhino sightings on the app. In addition, one of my South African Facebook friends (I can’t remember now – was it Trevor Datnaw?) saw an aardvark just last week in Kruger on one of the night drives. So lots of good stuff from Kruger.

The reason I’m posting this here (other than the obvious – these are mammal reports) is that a few people I corresponded with lately were going to Kruger this summer, so this would be some good info for them, or at least something to drool over 🙂

Sorry about the lack of detail on some of those reports. I’ll have to go back and fill in exact location and times – I was just excited to share it.


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