Demarest Kill

I’ve spent the last two weeks in and around New City, New York. I’d rather be pretty much anywhere but there, but I found a nice tiny county park called Demarest Kill  where you can easily see some common mammals. There is currently a female southern flying squirrel with cubs near the parking lot (easier to hear than to see), wild Norway rats around the pond, and two litters of tame juvenile raccoons along the creeks (look for the eyeshine). Also the highest density of Eastern chipmunks I’ve ever seen. Note that after sunset you have to park in the little side drive across the street to avoid getting a parking ticket. If you are also stuck in NYC area and crawling up the walls, it’s a nice place to explore for an hour at night.

Vladimir Dinets

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  • Andrew Block

    Very nice. Will have to check it out when it cools down a little since I live within an hour of there.

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