• Jeroen VerhoeffJeroen Verhoeff

    I see this blond wolf with bear(s) all the time on photographs and wildlife documentaries. They are being fed continiously to satisfy the customers of the wildlife hide photography industry. Surely at one time they discovered there is need to fight over abundance. So I guess it is more like a bountiful buffet queuing then an unusual alliance…


  • europesbig5kej

    Organising wild life tours, I can only say such an ecounter is seldom seen. I witnessed it only once at Lassi’s stake out (I was at the same spot where Lassi was but in a different hide) in the vast Kuhmo area. Wolves do visit Lassi’s baiting area frequently but not at all on daily basis and mostly they only pass the baiting site instead of approaching the carcass to feed. They seldom interact with bears. They are shy and elusive and less easy to attrack to the bait compaired with bears. Bears are well fed yes. They can be visible all night long as the same with wolverines , altough a blank night is possible when bears are in the vicinity; scared they are! Still; despite very easy to observe, the animals are wild. When you misbehave in the hide they run away and don’t come back for a long time. The Kuhmo area for sure the easiest place in Europe to have prolonged, close views of wolves, bears and especially wolverines. Only other country in Europe that ensures close obs of wolf is Poland. Spain too but that is always scope work. Bears different option. Regards, Jan

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