Good places to see…

Jon Asked me to re-post my last few posts from the old forum so that they don’t get lost in transition; here they are:

  1. A good place to see flightless scalytails (and the original article).
  2. A good place to see greater noctules is Slavutych, Ukraine (the town built to resettle Chernobyl Power Plant workers after the accident). The first time I visited in 2011, I noticed that greater noctule was exceptionally common there. This year it’s again the most common bat in outlying parts of the town. You can see up to six at a time flying around, they show up just before dark and you can actually observe them scoop up small birds if there are any still flying around. The place is 3 hours by car from Kiev. There are northern white-breasted hedgehogs running around even in the central part of the town, and a few km away is Dnepr floodplain, great for birding.
  3. Tauros cattle was created in an attempt to re-create the appearance, behavior and ecological role of extinct aurochs. It is one of the most beautiful animals in Europe; the largest herd is in Hortobagy National Park, Hungary. Here are a few photos.

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