Barrow, Alaska October 22-24

I am guiding a personal tour to Barrow, Alaska, arriving there at 7:28 pm on Saturday October 22 and leaving at 7 pm on Sunday October 23. The cost is $450 pp. The airfares are very low right now ($825 return from NYC). Possible mammals include barren ground and tundra shrews, ribbon, ringed, harbor and bearded seals, walrus, polar bear, arctic fox, bowhead whale, beluga, northern red-backed vole, brown and collared lemmings.  Ross’s and ivory gulls and hoary redpoll are pretty much guaranteed; various eiders and snowy owl are also likely. If you also fly through Anchorage, there will likely be some time between flights on your way back to spotlight for northern bog lemmings and tundra voles at a nice spot outside the airport. Northern lights are very likely. If you’d like to join, please let me know.


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