Mammalwatching.Com updates

Dear all

We’ve had a few teething problems this week with the community forum on  It seems that automatic updates for new posts stopped being sent out and I have heard from a few of you who have had glitches when trying to post.  Sorry about all that and thanks for your patience.  We have (and by ‘we’ I mean my wonderful web developer) now I think fixed all this, so if there are still problems please let me know.  In a meantime please take a look at the forum archives for the past week to see some of the trip reports you may have missed.

I ‘m heading to Prague, Belgrade and Vienna for a week’s work and quality time with my long suffering girlfriend. I won’t be looking for mammals on this trip … but if anyone has any hot tips for must see mammals in those cities (I already know about Parti Coloured Bats in Vienna) please let me know, just in case an opportunity arises…


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