Earspot Squirrel in Kinabalu

I am writing a trip report for a recent Sabah birding tour and I am working on the mammal section. On two successive days in Kinabalu Park, I have Earspot Squirrel marked but I am now aware that it is not known above 900 m. I would then suspect Sculptor Squirrel. In researching, I have noticed Earspot Squirrel on the trip reports of several major tour companies from Kinabalu. Any thoughts?

  1. Profile photo of Vladimir Dinets
    Vladimir Dinets 12 months ago

    According to HMW, even 900 m is exceptionally high for earspot squirrel: the only records from that high are from Kelabit Highlands in Sarawak. Sculptor squirrel is relatively common on Mt. Kinabalu; it has white, rather than orange, earspots and banded tail.

  2. Israel 11 months ago

    I would agree with sculptor squirrel as the most (only?) likely candidate.

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