Earspot Squirrel in Kinabalu

I am writing a trip report for a recent Sabah birding tour and I am working on the mammal section. On two successive days in Kinabalu Park, I have Earspot Squirrel marked but I am now aware that it is not known above 900 m. I would then suspect Sculptor Squirrel. In researching, I have noticed Earspot Squirrel on the trip reports of several major tour companies from Kinabalu. Any thoughts?


  • Vladimir Dinets

    According to HMW, even 900 m is exceptionally high for earspot squirrel: the only records from that high are from Kelabit Highlands in Sarawak. Sculptor squirrel is relatively common on Mt. Kinabalu; it has white, rather than orange, earspots and banded tail.

  • Israel

    I would agree with sculptor squirrel as the most (only?) likely candidate.

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