Two Weeks in the Pantanal


This past September, we spent 2 weeks in the Pantanal.  It was a fantastic trip that exceeded our already high expectations.

We saw 22 mammal species (not counting the non-native water buffalo and feral pigs) including Marsh Deer, Red and Gary Brocket Deer, Brown Capuchin, Crab-eating Fox and Raccoon,  Giant Anteater (all too brief unfortunately), Brazilian Tapir, Black-tailed Marmoset, Brazilian Rabbit, 8 different Jaguars, Vampire Bats, Giant Otters, Tayra and more.

Of course the bird life was amazing and we even managed to see 14 herp species.

The itinerary was as follows:

  • 26 hour door to door travel on American and Avianco airlines
  • 1 Night Hotel Prime Deville Cuiaba
  • 2 Nights Pouso Alegre (North Pantanal)
  • 5 Nights Hotel Porto Jofre (North Pantanal)
  • Chartered flight to Barranco Alto (South Pantanal)
  • 4 Nights Barranco Alto
  • 27 hour door to door on American and Azul

The TR covers 11 different posts all of which can be viewed here.


  1. Author
    Alan D 6 years ago

    As it turns out, the TR link doesn’t cover all days. So, to view more just click on September 2016 on the right side in the Trip Report Archive section to see all days.


  2. tomeslice 6 years ago

    Hey Alan,
    Great report! That’s a LOT of jaguars, and despite the single anteater encounter you definitely got some decent photos! Also you snuck an ocelot in there, right in the beginning of the trip 🙂

    BTW I still have yet to see the white-lipped peccary, so I might have to check out that lodge too, someday.
    Great stuff.

    • Author
      Alan D 6 years ago

      Thanks Tomer.

      Barranco Alto is a great spot for White-lipped Peccary. At least it was for us. We saw them on every excursion I think and also around the lodge itself. We also saw some cool behavior from them.

      So, I do recommend that you check out the southern Pantanal and Barranco Alto at some point. It’s worth it 🙂

  3. tomeslice 6 years ago

    Yes, southern Pantanal is definitely on my list for a few reasons! There’s another place I’d like to check out called Fendenzo San Francisco or something like that, where they see ocelots nightly and occasionally Bush dogs 🙂

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