Various Trip Reports – Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, Uganda & Rwanda – Royle Safaris

Cambodia & Vietnam’s Rare Primates Tour Trip Report with Royle Safaris

A trip report from Royle Safaris from a wildlife watching holiday focusing on primates to Cambodia and Vitenam with mammal highlights including: Black-shanked and Red-shanked Doucs, Northern & Southern buff-cheeked Gibbons, Delacour’s Langur, Owston’s Civet, Spotted Linsang and a total of 41 mammal species.

Sundarbans Wildlife Cruise Trip Report – Royle Safaris

A wildlife cruise of the Bangladeshi Sundarbans with Royle Safaris which resulted in some great mammal highlights including Asiatic short-clawed otters, Irrawaddy dolphins, Gangetic river dolphins, Finless porpoise and 18 species of mammals in total.

Tadoba Tiger Safari Trip Report – Royle Safaris

A week long Tiger specialist safari of Tadoba National Park in India with Royle Safaris with Tiger sightings of everyday in the park and 18 species of mammals including Indian Treeshrew, Chousingha and Sloth Bear.

Primate Watching Tour of Uganda and Rwanda Trip Report – Royle Safaris

A primate watching tour of Uganda and Rwanda with Royle Safaris which spent time with the amazing Mountain gorillas of both Uganda and Rwanda, the Chimps of Uganda and a total of 11 species of primates including Golden monkey, Blue monkey, Red-tailed monkey and other mammal highlights including Water Chevrotain, Boehm’s bush squirrel and a total of 25 mammal species.

Primate Watching Holiday Trip Report – Royle Safaris (2)

Another trip report from another wildlife watching tour of Uganda and Rwanda focusing on primates and spending time with the Mountain gorillas and Chimps of Uganda and Golden monkeys of Rwanda with a total of 13 different primate species including Potto & Demidoff’s dwarf Galago. Other mammals including Blotched Genet, Giant Forest Hog and a total of 39 species of mammals.

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