New shrew species from Ethiopia

Two new shrews. have just been described from Ethiopia. Crocidura afeworkbekelei occurs on Sanetti Plateau, while C. yaldeni is apparently endemic to Beletta Forest near Jimma. Let me know if you’d like to have a PDF of the paper.

Vladimir Dinets


  • Ron Lambeth

    Vladimir, I’d like to see the PDF of the paper on the two new shrew species for Ethiopia. Also although Anglicizing non-English names is tricky, but Sanetti as in Senetti Plain of Bale National Park, Oromia, Ethiopia is just too far off the mark. Senetti or Sinetti would be better.

  • Vladimir Dinets

    What’s your email address?
    Wikipedia calls it Sanetti Plateau; Google gives 18,400 results for “Sanetti Plateau”, but only 1,930 for “Senetti Plateau” 🙂

  • Muhammad Naim

    I would like to see the paper. Here is my email,

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