RFI: Southern California rodents

Hi all,

I’ll be in Southern California towards the end of December and am planning on looking for some of the local Heteromyids. I understand the timing (of year) is not optimal, but I figure if I’m in the area, I might as well give it a try.

My plan right now is to spend 2 nights looking for stuff, with 1 night around Perris, Aguanga, and Warner Springs. My main targets are Stephens’ (top priority) and Dulzura Kangaroo Rats, SD Pocket Mouse, and Northern Baja Mouse.

From there, I’m thinking of going to Anza-Borrego SP and splitting my time on the road between Ocotillo and Scissors Crossing and the area around Borrego Springs. My main targets here are Baja, Spiny, and San Diego Pocket Mice, Northern Baja Mouse, and Dulzura K-rat with Long-tailed or Desert Pocket Mice well-received bonuses. If Mecca Hills is better for some of these, I’ll go there instead.

My plan is to spend several hours spotlighting each of the sites. I know Heteromyids (esp. pocket mice) are tougher in winter, but if anyone knows any particularly good roads or trails to try, please let me know. I’m especially looking for on information for Stephens’ K-rat sites in W Riverside and NW SD counties, as I can’t get very good gen online.



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