New Jersey pelagics

Last Friday I went on a 12-hour pelagic from Cape May. It was a beautiful, smooth ride, but the only mammals seen were two minkes and a very shy pod of offshore bottlenose dolphins. There were huge schools of albacore tuna everywhere, but the only interesting birds were a little gull and a Manx shearwater.

Here’s something important to know about Cape May pelagics: they can be 12 hour or 24 hour long ($106 and ~200, respectively). Only the latter reach deep, warm waters and are good for pilot whales, striped dolphins and beaked whales. They are run by different companies; the longer trips are by Paulagics and are offered only 2-3 times a year.

I did some spotlighting at Cape May, but got only a few very tame woodcocks. Checked out my site for southern flying squirrel in Pine Barrens and found one in 3 minutes – directions provided upon request.


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