New Trip Report: South-west Western Australia

Happy Christmas mammal fans!

When you finish whatever celebrations you might be having today then why not take a look at this report – with some fabulous pictures – from Rohan Clark’s recent trip to Western Australia.  I am pretty sure he must now have seen more mammals in Australia than I have.

SW Western Australia, 2016: Rohan Clark, four weeks or so & 37 species including Red and Brush-tailed Phascogales, Numbat, Western Pygmy and Honey Possums, Western Freetailed Bat and Western Falsistrelle.

I am in South Africa for the holidays, hoping to divide my time between trying to see some new species and trying the local wine.



  • Charles Foley

    Merry Christmas Jon. I hope you nail the Riverine rabbit. I survived 4 days at Disney World, although I did see a Marsh rabbit which provided some compensation.

    • Jon Hall

      It’s Rabbits all around then. I got a glimpse of a Riverine Rabbit at the 11th hour in the Karoo. Well the 11th hour and 59th minute in fact. Lots of interesting stuff there but the best was a Spectacled Dormouse. Hope that the Disney karma is paid back to you with a Minnesotan Lynx!

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