Amazon Exploration Cruise, June 2017: Two Spaces Left

ARKive species - Golden-white tassel-ear marmoset (Mico chrysoleucus)

Fiona Reid and I are organising a 2 week trip into the Brazilian Amazon in June this year and there are 1 or 2 spaces still available. This is going to be a small,very mammal-focussed, group searching for a set of species that is both long and mouthwatering judging by what Fiona found last year. This list is what they found in 2016 and includes some real gems like Gold and White Marmosets and Pied Tamarins, four species of Saki Monkey, a bunch of great bats including Northern Ghost Bat and White-winged Vampire Bat, Bamboo Rats and much more.

ARKive species - Brazilian bare-faced tamarin (Saguinus bicolor)

I hope we can do even better this year with the greater focus on mammals.

More details are here.  Please let me know if you are interested in joining.


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