Bay cat – Kalabakan FR

Just stumble across this report from Borneo and Kalabakan forest reserve (quite heavily logged reserve).

Is there anyone who have been there for mammalwatching?
Can´t find any info of anyone visited this area.
It seems like a very good area for cats and specifically Bay cat. As I know, this is the most density of Bay cats ever reported through camera traps.
Also Marbled cat and Clouded Leopard in good numbers.

Anyone going there and make a try? 🙂


  • Tom Hewitt

    Yes AA Borneo has been planning to visit for sometime now and we will be going early 2017, will update on suitability asap

  • Antee

    Great Tom!

    I am going with you to Deramakot in March and looking forward to hear about your premiere trip to Kalabakan FR.
    Maybe this is the place to tick off the elusive Bay cat 🙂

  • geomalia

    Are there studies with comparable camera trap methodology for Danum Valley, Deramakot, and other reserves in Borneo? If so, where could I find them?


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