RFI Mediterranean Monk Seal, Istria

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    Jon Hall 5 years ago

    James, the animal I saw died a year or two ago unfortunately. You could contact Jasna Antolovic, from the Mediterannean Monk Seal Group to see if there are other animals in the area, Her email address is on my Croatia page https://www.mammalwatching.com/places/croatia/

    Let us know what you discover please! Jon

  2. Profile photo of markhows
    markhows 5 years ago

    There was a long staying one on Samos for the last couple of years but I don’t know the current situation there.


  3. Profile photo of James Lowen Author
    James Lowen 5 years ago

    Thanks all. By coincidence, a friend & tour guide (Dave Farrow) had one in Latsi, nr Polis, Cyprus on 25 Jan. From his hotel window! Details here https://twitter.com/mr_shortwing/status/824661861341749248

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