Wildlife Spectacles

In case you missed it, Vladimir Dinets has a new book out, Wildlife Spectacles, and you really should add it to your library. It is the most comprehensive guide I’ve seen to viewing incredible wildlife behavior in North America: migration, predation, mating rituals, roosting sites, etc.

Like his recent Finding Mammals guide, it is also entertainingly written. A lot of my forays are to see animal behavior and not just tick species (perhaps heresy here, I know), and this guide is already helping me plan trips. Even if you solely want to tick species, this guide will give you good locations.

Nice work, Vladimir.

I recently reviewed this and 9 other field guides/references for naturalists in a blog. Check it out and offer your own suggestions.

  1. Vladimir Dinets 6 years ago

    Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. BTW, everybody here can get a signed copy for US$15 plus postage 🙂

  2. Ry Beaver 6 years ago

    Hi mattinidaho – the link seems to be missing 🙂 Thanks Ry

  3. Miles Foster 6 years ago

    Thanks, Matt,

    I’ll definitely look at this when planning my next trip to North America, though for one reason or another that’s not likely to be soon… The Finding Mammals guide was certainly useful on my last trip.

    Rest assured that for this mammal watcher – and his wife – it’s never just about ticking off new species. Though it’s always fun to see something new, behaviour is what excites us every time.

  4. Author
    mattinidaho 6 years ago

    The link to my field guides blog should work now, or you can find it here: http://blog.nature.org/science/2017/01/24/ten-more-field-guides-references-serious-naturalist-wildlife-nature-books/


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