New Trip Report – Western Sahara & Morocco

  1. Profile photo of mikehoit
    mikehoit 11 months ago

    Based on the pictures, I think a couple of the identifications need to be amended. The hedgehog in the top left photo is Desert, not Algerian (dark feet and long ears); the rodent top left looks like Fat-tailed Gerbil (is this what was meant by Fat Sand Rat? That species is diurnal) Perhaps just something lost in translation of names?

  2. Romain 11 months ago


    Thanks for the help
    I I have made the modifications

    Have good time


    • Profile photo of mikehoit
      mikehoit 11 months ago

      Hi Romian. No problem, looked like a great trip. Really envious of the Fat-tailed Gerbil!

  3. Romain 11 months ago

    Yes, very nice place and nice people !
    Need to come back for picture of the sand cat and for try to see the Rüppell’s fox !!

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