New Trip Report – Western Sahara & Morocco

  1. mikehoit 6 years ago

    Based on the pictures, I think a couple of the identifications need to be amended. The hedgehog in the top left photo is Desert, not Algerian (dark feet and long ears); the rodent top left looks like Fat-tailed Gerbil (is this what was meant by Fat Sand Rat? That species is diurnal) Perhaps just something lost in translation of names?

  2. Romain 6 years ago


    Thanks for the help
    I I have made the modifications

    Have good time


    • mikehoit 6 years ago

      Hi Romian. No problem, looked like a great trip. Really envious of the Fat-tailed Gerbil!

  3. Romain 6 years ago

    Yes, very nice place and nice people !
    Need to come back for picture of the sand cat and for try to see the Rüppell’s fox !!

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