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Dear All,

  1. I’ll be driving from New Jersey to Cape Cod Saturday evening to see the whales, and will be back around noon on Sunday. If anybody is interested in sharing the fuel costs, please let me know. We might have time to look for some small mammals along the way.
  2. A new study supports the recent claim that a genetically distinct population of deer mice in Yukon is a full species. Look for these mice around Haines Junction – they the most likely rodent there to be caught with Sherman traps.
  3. A research team found 26 bat spp. in one of Codzo Caves in Gorongoza area of Mozambique, apparently a world record. I asked one of the members for access info.
    Vladimir Dinets
  1. Jon Hall 5 years ago

    Good luck on the Cape. Hope you see those Pilot Whales. long-finned pilots are your nemesis I think I remember?

    I remember catching a particularly furry deer mouse near Haines Junction. Is that a characteristic of the new species? Has it got a name yet?


  2. paul carter 5 years ago

    Thanks Vladimir. Mulu caves has 30 species as I understand from

  3. Author
    Vladimir Dinets 5 years ago

    Both of them 🙁
    There is no name. It is the only mouse in the area, so ID is not an issue. I caught it once and it was kinda furry, but there are high-elevation populations farther S that look about the same.

  4. Author
    Vladimir Dinets 5 years ago

    Paul: 30 is the total for the park. The caves themselves have 12 according to the page you cited.

  5. Ben S 5 years ago

    How was Cape Cod? I will be in Boston this weekend, and Cape Cod on Monday.


    • Author
      Vladimir Dinets 5 years ago

      I only got to Cape Cod 20 min ago. I can hear whales just offshore, but it’s 30 min till dawn so I can’t see much yet. I’ll post a report as soon as I get home, but it’s a six-hour drive.

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